Barbed wire

Barbed wire can typically be a difficult product to work with and is designed for the containment of animals and security fencing purposes. Our barbed wire fence product is supplied in rolls with a wooden holder in the middle to allow for unwinding when installing.

We supply our barbed wire in rolls and this wire fence product is available in two specifications. Mild steel for shorter runs and installations as it is a softer steel wire fence and can sag if deployed over very long runs. The gauge of this steel is 2.5mm.

High tensile steel barbed wire is a much stronger wire fence product as it is high in carbon with a much higher breaking strength. Use of this product for barbed wire fencing is more a more permanent fixture with much longer fence runs.This product is probably the most well known of all wire mesh products.                           barbed wire

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Barbed WireMedium Tensile200mtrs€58.00
Barbed WireHigh Tensile200mtrs€48.00