Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is by far the most popular  metal fence choice when it comes down to security , farm land and for many other uses.We offer our chain link in two option, galvanised or PVC coated. Perfect for uneven terrain with the flexibility to work into uneven surfaces. Both styles of our chain link fence have a light and heavier option. The light version of metal fence is 2mm and the heavier option 2.5mm.

The PVC style of chain link has a light gauge of 1.7mm – 2.5mm gauge while the heavier gauge is 2.24mm – 3.15 mm. There are many sizes available for chain link fence and the normal lengths are provided 25mtr rolls however we can vary the lengths sold. A great metal fence option for sports grounds, secure areas, concerts, private areas and many more uses. CHAIN LINK FENCE IMAGE

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Product Description (Click The Link Text)SizeLengthStrengthPrice
Chain Link Galvanised1500mm25 yards2.5mm€115.00
Chain Link Galvanised1500mm25 yards2mm€84.00
Chain Link Galvanised1800mm25 yards2.5mm€146.00
Chain Link Galvanised900mm10 yards2 mm€28.00
Product Description (Click The Link Text)SizeLengthStrengthPrice
PVC Coated Chainlink 900mm10 yards3.2mm heavy duty€27.00
PVC Coated Chainlink 1200mm10 yards3.2mm heavy duty€36.00
PVC Coated Chainlink 1800mm10 yards3.2mm heavy duty€47.00
PVC Coated Chainlink 900mm25 yards2.5 mm€64.00