Chicken wire

This product is probably the most well known of all wire mesh products.Chicken wire has many uses around farms, in the construction of animal cages, runs for hens and chickens aswell as family pets. The chicken wire fence is commonly made of a thin 1mm wire woven chicken wire mesh. Chicken wire is also available in 13mm ,25mm and 50mm apertures. As with many wire mesh products it is important that all chicken wire is coated with a galvanised coating to ensure a longer lasting product. If you are interested in other products, see our links below.  chicken wire image


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ProductSizeLength MetresSuitabilityPrice
Chicken Wire600mm*13mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€13.00
Chicken Wire900mm*13mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€23.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*13mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€32.00
Chicken Wire600mm*13mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€34.00
Chicken Wire900mm*13mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€48.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*13mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€68.00
Chicken Wire600mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€12.00
Chicken Wire900mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€22.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€27.00
Chicken Wire600mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€39.00
Chicken Wire900mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€56.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*25mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€74.00
Chicken Wire600mm*50mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€10.00
Chicken Wire900mm*25mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€22.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*50mm hole10Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€18.00
Chicken Wire600mm*50mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€25.00
Chicken Wire900mm*50mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€39.00
Chicken Wire1200mm*50mm hole50Birds,Poultry,Small Animals€48.00