Electric Fence .

This product of electric fence wire is mainly used on farms and other large enclosures for animals.The wire fence product is supplied in a roll form and is normally 25KG rolls.

It is produced in 2 formats, mild steel and high tensile steel. Mild steel diameter of electric fence can be supplied in either 2.5mm or 3.5mm with a breaking strength of 550 newtons. This electric fence product is used mainly to fence cattle or horses for a temporary use. electric fence imageHigh tensile wire diameter is either 2.5mm or 3.15mm. The most popular by far is the 2.5mm electric fence wire. It has a breaking strength of more than 1200 newtons. All electric fence must have a heavy coat of galvanising.

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Product WeightSize/StrengthSuitabilitySold ByPrice
Electric Fence1KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2.5mm
Electric Fence25KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€12.00
Electric Fence25KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence2.5KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00