Horse Fence

Our range of horse fence wire is a premium product and we supply a large range of sizes and strengths. This product is ideal as electric fencing for horses and we offer a variation of prices based on strength and specification.The horse fence rolls are packaged and sold in rolls of 25KG.

The strength and format of this product is twofold. Both mild steel and high tensile steel horse fence wire . Strength size varies between 2.5mm and 3.5mm with and newton strength of 550. electric fence image

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Product WeightSize/StrengthSuitabilitySold ByPrice
Electric Fence1KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2.5mm
Electric Fence25KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€12.00
Electric Fence25KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence2.5KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00