Post And Wire Fence

An economic solution for the fencing of farm lands for horses and livestock is the use of post and wire fence. This product we sell separately in the form of line wire which you can purchase on this link click here and separate posts which you can also purchase click here.

The quality and lasting ability of the post and wire fence is dependant on how strong the wire fence products that you purchase. This wire fence can of course also be adjusted to become an electric fence if required. At fence we also supply a range of related products.                                                                  electric fence image

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ProductSizeLengthSpecificationPrice Each
Round Wooden Post6'' * 3''1.8mtrTanalised treated round wooden post€3.50
Round Wooden Post6'' * 4''1.8mtrTanalised treated round wooden post€4.50
Round Wooden Post6'' * 5''1.8mtrTanalised treated round wooden post€5.30
Round Wooden Post7'' * 7''2.1mtrTanalised treated straining post€12.90
Product WeightSize/StrengthSuitabilitySold ByPrice
Electric Fence1KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG3mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2.5mm
Electric Fence25KG2.5mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€3.75
Electric Fence2.5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence5KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€12.00
Electric Fence25KG2mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence1KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00
Electric Fence2.5KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€6.75
Electric Fence25KG1.6mmAgriculturalWeight€55.00