Sheep Fencing

This product of sheep fencing wire is mainly used on farms and other large enclosures for animals and the agricultural sector.It has proven to be the most economical way to section large areas of farm land using this type of sheep wire fence. This product is perfect for the containment of sheep, pigs, goats. Sheep fencing is produced with two types of  raw material namely mild steel and high tensile steel.

Mild steel is the softer version of the sheep wire product which is more flexible and in many cases is used as a temporary measure for sheep fencing.

The high tensile steel version of  sheep wire fence is much stronger and less flexible and is often used for long term sheep fencing solutions. sheep fencing imageSheep wire must have a heavy coat of galvanisation to ensure longer life.

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Sheep Fencing2mm*2mmLight mesh50 yrds€39.00
Sheep Fencing2.5mm*2.5mm*0.8mMedium tensile100mtrs€90.00
Sheep Fencing2mm*2mm*900mmLight sheep wire100mtrs€90.00
Sheep Fencing2.5mm*2mm*0.8mMedium tensile50mtrs€53.00
Sheep Fencing2.5mm*2mm*0.8mMedium tensile100mtrs€75.00
Sheep Fencing2.5mm*2mm*0.8mHigh tensile100mtrs€125.00
Sheep Fencing3mm*2.5mmMild Steel50yrds€54.00