Wire Fence

Our wire mesh fence product is a welded mesh that is produced and sold in roll form or alternatively in sheet form. Sheet sizes of this mesh fencing are either 1800mm * 1200mm or 2400mm * 1200mm. The mesh fencing has a variation of gauge and these are 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm. The box or ”hole size has 4 different sizes which are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 10mm, and are galvanaised dipped.

The wire fence also has a PVC coated option with dimensions of 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, height and roll length of 25mtrs.

The PVC  green option of wire fence is particular decorative if being used in conjunction with gardening projects while the more commercial option is the galvanised dipped wire fence mesh.wire fence image

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Wire Fence Welded Wire Mesh 1200mm x 25m x 50mm hole, 16 Gauge25mtr€78.00
Wire Fence Welded Wire Mesh 900mm x 25m x 50mm 16 Gauge25mtr€58.00
Wire Fence Welded Wire Mesh/ Hoof Guard 1200mm x 25m , 100 x 50mm hole12 Gauge25mtr€85.00
Wire Fence Wire mesh 1200mm x 10m, 25 x 25mm hole/1.6mm diameter16 Gauge10mtr€46.00
Wire Fence Wire Mesh 1200mm x 25m x 25mm hole 16 Gauge25mtr€110.00
Wire Fence Wire mesh 900mm x 10m x 25 x 25mm hole, /1.6mm diameter16 Gauge10mtr€36.00
Wire Fence Wire Mesh 900mm x 30m x 25mm hole WM1616 Gauge €95.00
Wire Fence Wire Mesh 900 mm wide x 6 metres 13x13mm hole19 Gauge6mtr€24.00
Wire Fence Wire Mesh 1200 mm wide x 10 metres 13x13mm hole 19 Gauge10mtr€42.00
Wire Fence Wire Mesh 900 mm wide x 25 metres 13x13mm hole 19 Gauge25mtr€75.00